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Frequently Asked Questions

If I know someone who is appropriate for Vernon Health & Rehabilitation program(s), what do I need to do?

Vernon Health & Rehabilitation accept referrals from the individual/family as well as outside agencies that assist people with obtaining placement. Services shall be available to persons deemed appropriate according to the above specifications and without regard to color, race or national origin. Call our Admissions coordinator at (260) 563-8438 or visit our Admissions page to begin the referral process.

How do I find out about your survey history?

Surveys are made available to the public. Copies may be requested from our business office. Survey results are also available at the Indiana Department of Health website.

Is there a waiting list?

No. We currently do not have a waiting list at our facility. When we evaluate someone for placement, we consider the urgency of their need for placement and whether we can meet his/her needs.

How do I schedule a tour?

It is best to call to make an appointment for someone to provide a tour, although this is not necessary. We schedule tours at your convenience.

If you are a "Skilled Pediatrics" facility, why do you have residents over age 18?

Originally, we offered services to children and young adults; however, many of our residents surpassed their life expectancy and found that once they "aged out" they did not have an available skilled nursing facility appropriate for their needs. After awhile, we found that we had more "adults" than we did children. We provide services to those with the greatest need. If the Admissions Committee determines that placement or continued placement in our facility is appropriate, then age is irrelevant.

How are staff qualified?

We provide training upon hire, annually, and as needed. We provide supervision for all of our staff. We seek to go above and beyond license requirements with our training program. Competency exams are required annually.

What is the staffing ratio?

The ratio will depend upon the time of day. Nursing staff providing direct care to our residents work on all three shifts. As for nurses, our current ratio is four nurses on all shifts.